Building scale aircraft models has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, Scratch building aircraft models is the new obsession, this has re kindled a passion for building scale replica’s for me.

The purpose of this web site for me is to showcase some of the models that I have built in kit form as well as the models that have been detailed with scratch built components and models that are totally scratch built ,all the models that are in the gallery are in 1/32 scale.

I am sure you will recognise the models from kit manufacturers. The scratch built models are the Pilatus PC 6, Pilatus PC 21 and the Piper Pawnee Brave crop duster. I am currently busy with a Mirage F1 AZ in 1/32 scale and will be posting up dates on this site at regular intervals.

I will also be adding a ‘How to build’ books for the Pilatus PC 6, Pilatus PC 21 and the Mirage F1 very shortly on the site. The books will explain the process I go through from the drawings to the finished model, a lot of the processes can be applied to any kit modifications or scratch builds that you might want to try. I will also be posting regular updates on project that I am busy with, Tony Dill and I will be doing some kit build articles as well as reviews on kits and products that are available on the market for modellers. We will also be featuring builds and reviews by other modellers in South Africa and would welcome input from modellers around the world who would like to contribute to the site.

Please feel free to contact me for any commission builds or kit builds for your private collection or business, and I will always be available for questions or any queries.